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Apps, Tools & Software for the AEC Workforce

Nittygritty develop custom software for the AEC Industry to help facilitate business process, file transmission, workflow, collaboration and security

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Apps, Tools & Software for the AEC Workforce services

In response to AEC industry needs, Nittygritty develops apps to support, protect, monitor or facilitate every day workflow. For example, the transmittal and access of information in a secure environment.

Apps, Tools & Software for the AEC Workforce

Opportunities to create

If there’s a niggling issue your team experiences every day, give us a call.  We might be able to help.

For instance, when design teams contended with the difficulties of FTP we created BigFilebox. This is a project information transmittal tool to quickly send large drawing sets and presentations, securely and easily. It also incorporates full versioning, audit trails and user access control. BigFilebox manages information flow in the Cloud and has a large customer base in the construction sector over the past 10 years.     

To date, over 15500 projects have been created

When our client base outgrew spreadsheet and email management and in the absence of a suitable commercial alternative, we developed BigSupportBox. It manages all aspects of our business from support tickets to staff resourcing. It also coordinates our teams and communications with clients.  As a consequence, BigSupportbox has seen over 80,000 interactions since it was developed and has thousands of active users.

Well designed, functional meeting room booking systems with attractive door panels are difficult to find. If you’re looking for a solution that also includes the ordering of food and beverages you’ll struggle even more. We created TheRoomBooker as a web based system which plugs into your shared calendars and allows complete control over meeting and conference facilities.

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